On Disease
Sri K Pattabhi Jois Public Talks on Ashtanga Yoga - France 1991
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Question: Jean Claude is asking if you agree to speak about disease and yoga?

Answer: I telling one day starting that topic. This is 2 types ofdiseases. One that is always coming, one type of disease (chronicdisease).

Some people suffering another type of disease. … now stomach pain iscoming, after some fever is coming, that is called typhoid, is coming.After headache is coming. That is usual diseases. Some doctors whodon’t know method give injections. Oh fever? I will give injections.Injections is given. That disease again reverting is coming.

Method you don’t understand. Some doctors, my type of doctors, they give some medicine like you take real doctor. Oh this is separate. This typhoid you take only for rest. Separate medicine I will give it. They is so, take medicine, good. You can understand. After another one type of disease, now heart trouble is coming, diabetes is coming. But same gastric trouble is increasing. These diseases how he is coming? The doctor says I will give you injections, insulin injections more. Pills you eat, take every day injection. This is real. This is incurable disease.

They are talking (saying), this is incurable disease, asthma, bronchitis, that is incurable disease. Every day you take medicine. Your life long, your life long, you take medicine. How is it possible? Your life long eating medicine? Is it possible? One day also I will be standing correctly. One day also I will be healthy - you thinking… One day also I will be happy… you not, you don’t want? You take medicine.

This is no medicine that one! That is insulin is stopping. One nerve is there called siveni nerve. Siveni nadi - where is your anus - to up is coming - one stretching line, that place going siveni nerve. That siveni nerve increasing. Some liver is working- that liver is - you taking food. Completely sugar is making. Insuline. No! insuline mixing your liver you take food. Sapta Dathu is making strength blood, skin, bones. He is making all. Without insuline is only for you taking food is making sugar. That after your body is looking good. Very happy, very face is good. No disease. You looking!

But man is suffering more. Any time you want wanting more food, drinking water, more water. Every half an hour going toilet to pass urine. This is very bad disease. That disease is you curing! You take insulin. Insulin, doctor says. Insulin injections. That is outside injection, outside insulin very bad. Gradually your leg is coming out completely (swelling). Eye power is going completely, blind (blindness) is coming. “That is that disease.” Came that man suffering, (doctor) is looking and says. “Oh! He is suffering that disease.” He is telling.

That is why you do some asanas. Particularly some asanas is there. Now for example janu sirsasana; that janu sirsasana you take your heal touch your anus completely. First A. That is increasing heat there, siveni nerve is cleaning. One or ten times you do the breathing on your side and then on the other side. Both sides you 25 times you do deep breathing. That particular asana. After A, B and C.

Very important in ladies. Ladies also suffering diseases, this diabetes patients many that ladies nervous is going here. That nerve, seveni nerve is complete there. Gents inside - ladies outside. You can understand? That is why Janu Sirsasana C doing time you put it your heal touching your navel completely. There is heat increasing. That nerves after perfect. They increasing your insulin. Insulin increasing after mixing your liver, food is good. Food is taken a sapta dathu. Sapta Dathu means blood, vitality, skin and bone, all fat increasing. That is real. This is not many (much) time. Taking one year - you get complete curing with yoga. After one asana you take long time. Before asanas, (first) paschimottanasana, ardha badha paschimottanasana, you do. After Janu Sirsasana take more time. After all the asanas you do. They is given benefit completely. That is real!

You suffering …. some … typhoid. How is increasing? is coming? That is water mistake. You can understand. Bad water you drink is making germs inside. They is making typhoid.

If man is suffering more typhoid. That time fever is complete high. High fever 24, 25, 26 (C) is reaching. That time your mind is confusion completely. Is crazy people how is talking, same method he is talking more, that is typhoid disease. That how he is starting?

Jala means water. This disease is starting water. That time high fever is coming. Crazy man he is making. That way ayurvedic doctor is telling: Medicine is there:

Madhu – madhu means honey. Ardra Rasa means ginger juice. Ginger juice and honey you both you take and mix it. After, one Chandy Sumatra, one tablet you add it, says the ayurvedic doctor. That 2 times you grind it, that one you take… that disease is going… with yoga also… this disease is going. It does not take long time. 21 days, 30 days, 15 days is going… diabetes, typhoid also. Gastric trouble, heart trouble also.

This is breathing system. This is all breathing system. Gastric trouble is came: breathing system that one. You take breathing system, you follow, that disease is going. Typhoid you take - doctor, doctor is telling: “That disease yoga is not curing. If you do yoga with typhoid you will die!” - You take doctor, doctor means ayurvedic doctor! That man (doctor) is telling, but another (incorrect) one meaning (diagnosis).

Who is giving you (treatment), only for body – (is treating only the) death (dead) body . Without prana body is dead body. A-chetana means no chetana, chetana means “I am” (consciousness). Achetana means only for body.

Ladies’ body is coming out baby. You can understand? But is (after) coming out, that man is forgetting where (he) is coming (from). Where he is coming from? From God is coming here. That God is forgetting (he is forgetting god). You can understand?

Man is dead coming out, forgetting God. That way you do. You God pray every day. "Oh God I forget it (you)! I am forgetting you. You save me! You save me." You take your eye water, with crying. "You God save (me)!" You God look! You you pray God, all the time pray God. That is one method, that is mixing your eye water and heart purified heart after.

Question: This gentleman had an accident, sport accident on the shoulder. Some ligament is broken, will you advise operation?

Answer: No, don’t want operation. You do yoga practice. Very loose, very slowly, very slowly, take, don’t make operation. After operation sometimes it is broken, and you can not move your hand completely. That is very bad, you take yoga. A ligament is loosing here. That hand is coming down, here is going up. Here is one place. That you take every day slowly- slowly- slowly you take practice. After easy (light practice), is strong here. After no problem. Operation you do, after hand only for same. Upping also difficult. You can understand. Slowly, slowly you take yoga practice. No problem.

You know one engineer in my class, that is good engineer. That man is suffering this one: He fell down. He climbed up a big building to have a look at it and he fell down. That time the ligament is completely gone. He had many treatments. After last moment he came. Now he is very perfect. Ruchikasana also standing. No problem. No operation. I will show it, you come to Mysore. After I will show you.


Answer: Breathing and fire are the two factors cleaning your body. Air and fire. Air and fire. Fire is here down, 4 inches below the navel. That is the place of fire. You can understand? Breathing always. That breathing you take every day, you control your anus and abdominal - your breathing system you take - long breathing, fire increasing. Any one disease is came, that fire is burning. Purified blood is making - thin, very thin blood, that is very purified blood that is making. They is given good strength. Any one disease you looking is running back. Not coming yours. That is Ayurvedic method, he is telling Ayurveda. Ayurveda shastra is telling. That is real. You take every day practice, yogic practice. But not suffering any one disease… that is real.

Question: Roseline is asking the meaning of the mudra at the end of practice.

Answer: Mudra, Bandha, Kriya, that is very important. Mudra means same, you not touching, don’t touch, you stiff your whole body, stiff your fingers. This is mudra, mudra means complete closing. Many holes is there in your body. 9 holes is there you can understand. 9 holes is there in your body- whole body – whole holes. Breathing is coming, going. Breathing system that you control all the holes of the body, the nine holes.

You must take the control of the 9 holes of the body. That is why take mudra. Asanas is doing time, some holes is possible (to control), that control possible. Some holes impossible. That is why take mudra. Mudra means holes. Whole 9 holes you must take control. After your mind control is coming. That is method. That is why mudra all same. This is jnana mudra, you take here. Look here sitting, straight back, deep breathing you do. After you control your holes. Straight back. Hold this portion here. Hold completely tightening. You can understand. Ah! This is jnana mudra.

Question: While doing tolasana at the end of practice, which is the correct drishti?

Answer: Both sides: Pull up. Pull upping time you take Nasagra dristi. One also here also, both dristi, no problem. Nasagrai dristi and broomadhya dristi.

Question: Didier has difficulty with breathing, with exhalation the sound is OK, but with inhalation it is difficult to produce the sound.

Answer: He is not controlling completely abdominal and anus. Anus you control, stiff (strong) breathing is coming, with sound breathing. He is loose there. He does not understand, abdominal, anus control, Mulabandha and uddiyana bandha you don’t understanding. Breathing is not correct. Inhalation is not correctly is not coming. That is why you control gradually, automatically is coming…

Some asanas he is doing. Navasana, hips tight!
Completely tight the hips. Complete up to, don’t bend, that is gradually Mulabandha possible. After breathing also will be correct. That is method. Long breathing - inhalation long breathing, your chest expanding and you will be very strong after. If long breathing, inhalation is not correct or if only the exhalation is coming long, that is heart trouble is starting. That is very bad. Inhalation more you take, exhalation little down you take. There is no problem. Inhalation you want, long inhalation.
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