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yama niyama and pranayama

Guruji talks in Lakshmi Puram 1999 - for transcript click

Question: Krishnamacharya wrote a book called Yoga Makaranda. He wrote that pranayama without yama and niyama is very bad, can you explain?

Without yama and niyama not (being) perfect, pranayama is not correct. Yama means ahimsa, satya, asteya, brahmacharya, aparigraha - this is yama - five elements. If there is one (yama) you are not following, your breathing is very difficult. Breathing system (you) must correct. Pranayama means holding breathing. Internal holding. Bandhatriya (3 bandhas) engaging, afterwards, breathing holding, that is pranayama.

" tasmin sati śvāsapraśvāsayorgativicchedaḥ prāṇāyāmaḥ" (YS 2.49)

"gativicchedaḥ" means holding. That is yama and niyama not correct, one part also, you are not following, breathing system is not good. Internal nervous system also (is) bad. That is why without yama and niyama, pranayama is very bad.

 "pracchardana-vidhāraṇābhyāṃ vā prāṇasya"
(YS 1.34)

Yoga Sutra is telling. Inhalation control, exhalation control, how long? Take one by one, one by one (increase little by little) Pranayama means you hold the breath using bandhatriya (3 bandhas) for four minutes. Possible? Very difficult.

That, one by one, one by one, one by one take (little by little increasing). After, including your yama and niyama. After asana is perfect, after you take pranayama, no problem.

You, only for pranayama (without other steps) (sniffs rapidly through one then the other nostril) - this is no pranayama. (laughs)

First you take practice, asanas. Yama and niyama including pratyahara, dharana and dhyana. There including yama and niyama. Following is very difficult, yama and niyama. Ahimsa, satya - satya is perfect, you? Always you telling satya (truth)? Very truth is telling? Impossible. One or two asatya you are doing. Asatya means untruth. Real truth is not telling, very difficult.

One time you truth is telling you also is killing, untruth is telling - same - yama is completely gone. Sometimes, you truth is telling, you deathing (dying). Sometimes you untruth is telling, you deathing. Sometimes you truth is telling, sometimes untruth is telling. Always truth telling, very difficult. Real?

Very difficult, that is why Upanishads is telling:

"āsanaṃ prāṇasaṃrodhaś pratyāhāraś ca dhāraṇām, dhyānaṃ samādhir etāni ṣaḍaṅgāni prakirtita"

Ashtanga yoga lefting (leaving - eg forget 8 steps), only six portions you take. First starting asana, that is foundation. Building making time, first starting, that building foundation is very necessary, big foundation you take. (Afterwards) anyone (anything is) possible. Foundation is not correct, (after) one or two years he is fell down. Many places in India, building starting and completely finishing, next day fell down. Foundation is not correct. That's why asana is very good foundation, many asanas you do.

Many upanishads is there, 108 upanishads, there yama and yama included with pratyahara/dharana. First you make sure your body is strong, afterwards you can do anything.
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