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Yoga Sutra Study - no class currently scheduled

Patanjali's Yoga Sutra is a work of 195 mostly very short statements. In addition to giving the most lucid description of Ashtanga Yoga - the practical path to the highest goal, the Yoga Sutra also explains what this goal is and what results from its attainment. Since the statements or sutras are so concise, a tradition of commentary has grown over the last 2000 years to elucidate the Sutra's meaning. These classes will explore the sutras one by one with reference to some of the most important commentators.

Yoga philosophy is concerned mostly with the science of mind or psychology: learning to understand and control the mind. Understanding yoga philosophy gives one a better orientation for practice as well as many practical yogic techniques that can be applied. 

What is yoga? Why practice yoga? What is the nature of mind? Is there anything beyond the mind? And what is the meaning of the goal of yoga - Samadhi? All these questions are addressed in the Yoga Sutra Class - open to all students. By donation.
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