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Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka with Guy Donahaye
February 1-8 2019


Yoga is one of four natural states of consciousness. The waking state, the dreaming state and the deep state are familiar to all. According to yoga and Ayurveda a healthy human being also experiences a fourth transcendental state – Samadhi. In fact the definition of a healthy person is one who experiences all four states.

Today the fourth state has mostly been lost due to our stressful and unhealthy/unnatural lifestyles. But it is not as inaccessible as people think - moments of Samadhi are not uncommon but they are not easily sustained. It is difficult to find the peace required to sit quietly and cultivate these moments in a stressful or urban environment, but a retreat in nature with wholesome food, asana, pranayama and meditation offers a huge support in establishing a foundation.

There are five bodies according to yoga – the physical, pranic/energetic, mental, intellectual and causal/bliss bodies. During the workshop we aim to gain an understanding of these five bodies as well as exploring practices related to them: asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), pratyahara (sense withdrawal), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi, along with an understanding of the yogic view of mind, Self realization and liberation.

There will be daily morning asana, pranayama, meditation, workshop and discussion. An introductory workshop on the first day will be followed by daily Mysore style practice throughout the week. Afternoons are free. The retreat is open to all students – beginners and experienced students.

About the retreat center:

"Rukgala Retreat is a true sanctuary nestled in the jungle of central Sri Lanka close to the city of Kandy, which is known as the spiritual heart of the island. Built in 2017, this state of the art center was designed to accommodate your every need. Comfortable, and clean rooms, beautiful decor, large pool, multiple lounge and meditation nooks and stunning views of the Sri Lankan jungle are just a few of the magical things you will experience at Rukgala. Imagine how much easier 10 sun salutations will be overlooking the tree tops, it is a true oasis." 

Pricing + Payment 7 nights - Discount $150 if paid by Nov 1:

Single occupancy: $2100.00
Double occupancy: $1750.00
Food and Accommodation only: $1000.00 (based on double occupancy)
$1000.00 deposit, balance due December 1, 2019


Guy Donahaye: Curriculum + daily schedule and course content - guy@aysnyc.org
Lauren Bennett: Logistics + travel questions, lodging, payments, and activities - Lb9426@gmail.com