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Healing Retreat in Nature at Udayagiri Retreat - February 2-8, 2019

Dear Friends

Due to ongoing political instability in Sri Lanka we have decided to move our retreat to Kerala in South India.

Kerala is one of my favorite parts of India - lush and tropical and bordered by the Arabian Ocean to the west and the western Ghats (mountains) to the east. Kerala is extraordinary in so many ways - amongst other things its boasts India's highest literacy and birth survival rates - its beauty has earned it the name: "God's own country" and it has 1000s of years old Ayurvedic traditions. We have found an ideal spot in the mountain foothills surrounded by jungle.

Cost: $1750 includes:

7 nights full board (double occupancy) 
Six days of yoga practice/workshop
Daily Ayurvedic medical consultations and treatments
Customized Ayurvedic vegetarian meals according to constitution (dosha)
Pick up/drop off at Kozhikode Calicut International Airport.

Arrive Saturday February 2 and depart Saturday February 9. Yoga Workshop starts on Sunday 3 and concludes on Friday 8.

Healing Retreat in Nature at Udayagiri Retreat

Yoga is medicine for mind and body that returns us to a natural state of wellbeing. This process is a struggle against the background of our stressful everyday lives but can be hugely supported by immersing ourselves in pure nature for a period of time. 

By taking a break from everyday life and focusing exclusively on yoga and healthy eating, one is able to deepen the impact of practice and more easily sustain the benefits thereafter. A retreat is like a re-boot to the system. In most cases it is badly needed.

In addition to our yoga program, the retreat center offers Ayurvedic treatment which is included in the price of the retreat. Treatment includes daily consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor, massage, constitution diagnosis, customized regimen and diet plan and other purifying or rejuvenating treatments that may be suggested.

"The Udayagiri is a peaceful haven for rare birds, butterflies, wild orchids and herbs. This place is a gift of nature for those who seek quietude, calmness and serenity of the mind."

Each participant will be offered an individual diet based on constitution.

"At Ayurveda Yoga Villa, you will not only be served organic foods grown in our campus’ very own vegetable garden, you will also be offered some of the finest and tastiest vegetarian fare you have ever experienced!

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” ~ Ayurvedic Proverb

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences which overlap in their theories and practices and support each other enormously.
Course Content: The Five Bodies and the Eight Steps of Ashtanga Yoga 

In addition to the physical body, yoga identifies four more bodies - each one more subtle and internal than the next. The physical body is also known as the body of food - it is made up of the food that we eat. Within the physical body is a subtle or pranic body - this is the body of vital energy or electricity. Deeper still lies the body of sensation, will and lower or animal mind known as manas. More subtle still is the intelligence or intellectual body known as buddhi. And the innermost body is known as pradhana or the body of bliss.

The Self, which is pure consciousness, experiences itself through the five bodies as ego. While immersed in the activities of the physical body, senses and lower mind, the Self feels lost and identified with experience. Yogic practices control the bodily sensations and lower mind and bring the practitioner into the field of the two inner bodies where samadhi and Self Realization can be experienced.

During the retreat we will be exploring the nature of the five bodies as well as the eight yogic practices of Ashtanga Yoga related to them: 

Asana practice is primarily for control of the physical body, pranayama for control of the pranic body, yama, niyama (ethical principles) and pratyahara (sense control) introverts the lower mind (manas), concentration (dharana), meditation (dhyana) and samadhi are the internal steps related to the intellect (buddhi) and primal mind (pradhana).

There will be daily asana, pranayama, meditation, theory/philosophy talk and Q&A.

Getting There

The retreat center is located on the border between Kerala and Karnataka in the foothills of the Western Ghats. The center is surrounded by jungle and elevated to provide spectacular views. There are many opportunities for walking as well as safaris in adjacent wildlife preserves where elephants and tigers can be seen.

The nearest airport is Kozhikode Calicut International Airport (CCJ) - a 3.5 hr drive from the coastal plain up through the jungle into the mountains. We will arrange free pickup and drop off from Calicut airport. Mysore is 2.5hrs drive away.