Attitude of Gratitude

I had been thinking for some time about keeping a Gratitude Journal. Having a better personal attitude sounded like it could be a good thing.
My intentions are to recognize my Blessings, have a Grateful heart and remind myself daily to be very Thankful.

I have a notebook by my nightstand it has now become my Gratitude Journal. I can not wait to keep at it, this is my gift and promise to myself, I will try and
write nightly. I have not had it long, it is separate from my Daily Journal, this writing hopefully will cultivate a better, more rich internal life, and an attitude of gratefulness.

Before bed I think of at least one thing that I was grateful for that day, I’m hoping for more, but am thinking I’ll take one, that’s good for starters. In the beginning, I had a few times I could think of nothing, I asked myself “What was I grateful for today?” “Think,” I came up blank. It wasn’t going so well for a few days and then one night I wrote “I am grateful for being Alive!” That was huge, I was tired and grateful I had written something and could go to sleep not feeling guilty. I did however wonder what happened to my good Intentions. I kept the promise and stayed with it, finally it was not hard at all, I knew that even on a bad day I was still able to come up with a few things.

That was in the past, I have come to believe that when I am feeling badly, having a tiring day, I can still find something to be grateful for. Practising started making perfect sense, I for sure am daily grateful for my family and children and their continuing good health and happiness. I practised and spent time early on thinking of the small things, they slowly started to grow in importance. One night I was giving thanks for the warmth of the afternoon sun, it lit up my day so brightly. I have been loving the songs that I hear from the birds outdoors and their beautiful colors, albeit few as it is winter here.

Not to forget also giving thanks for some of the amazing pictures I see on G. They at times just Wow me! The extraordinary collection of Poems and Stories that delight me more each time I read through them. One day I was grateful for at last having the energy to straighten out the mess that had been accumulating in my closet, thanks to an article I recently read here. The many articles not only teach me new things they widen my eyes, many touch my heart deeply. Some carry me away to different Countries, Yes, for this too I am grateful.


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