Benefits of Deep Breathing


Benefits of Deep Breathing

In daily life, the process of breathing goes on naturally and automatically. We are mostly unaware of our breathing until a problem comes along. Every organism and every process in the body requires oxygen to sustain its life and activities. There is a great amount of medicinal value to our breathing, if only we can become aware of it and take care of it.

The best way to do this is to become totally and keenly aware of our natural breathing cycle. This awareness helps us to inhale larger amounts of air and oxygen. Such an inhalation process also enables us to exhale the air intake, slowly and gradually .This process of the real awareness of our breath, its slow and gradual inhalation and exhalation is called deep breathing.



Deep breathing has several benefits in maintaining good health. Some of these are

  1. It gives more energy,
  2. Reduces fatigue and stress of the body and mind,
  3. Reduces chest pain caused by muscular stresses and strains,
  4. Reduces the intensity in suffering from chronic illnesses such as Asthma and Bronchitis,
  5. Help in reducing the intake of prescription drugs and medicines,
  6. Accelerates the process of eliminating impurities from the body,
  7. Improves blood circulation,
  8. Accelerates the distribution of life giving oxygen to the cells,


  1. Improves the functioning of the brain and eyes etc.

Even when we are reading/traveling/watching a movie, doing work in an office, deep breathing can be practiced. Even if we happen to be on a queue (line) at the post office/bank/airline counters etc deep breathing can be resorted to. Whenever and wherever, there is clean and fresh air available, we should resort to deep breathing as it can provide us a good deal of energy and make us healthier. During situations of mental stress and strain, deep breathing provides real comfort and consolation, as has been demonstrated by several studies. Slow and deep breathing provides also relief from high blood pressure.

During deep breathing, more endrophine is produced in the body. This provides relief from pain. Muscles become relaxed leading to reduction in stress and pain. Researchers have found that asthma sufferers and people who suffer from lack of sleep also get a good deal of relief with deep breathing.

Our capacity to engage in a good deep breathing regime can provide real medicinal value and added on comfort from the symptoms of pain and stress.


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