Attitude of Gratitude

I had been thinking for some time about keeping a Gratitude Journal. Having a better personal attitude sounded like it could be a good thing.
My intentions are to recognize my Blessings, have a Grateful heart and remind myself daily to be very Thankful.

I have a notebook by my nightstand it has now become my Gratitude Journal. I can not wait to keep at it, this is my gift and promise to myself, I will try and
write nightly. I have not had it long, it is separate from my Daily Journal, this writing hopefully will cultivate a better, more rich internal life, and an attitude of gratefulness.

Before bed I think of at least one thing that I was grateful for that day, I’m hoping for more, but am thinking I’ll take one, that’s good for starters. In the beginning, I had a few times I could think of nothing, I asked myself “What was I grateful for today?” “Think,” I came up blank. It wasn’t going so well for a few days and then one night I wrote “I am grateful for being Alive!” That was huge, I was tired and grateful I had written something and …

Simple, Relaxing Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women

Exercise during pregnancy is very important for your overall health and well begin during and after pregnancy. Yoga is a great way to keep some of your muscles strong, flexible, and relaxed. This will help reduce the amount of pain and tightness you will experience during pregnancy, and will help ease the labour process.

If you are not experienced in yoga, it would be a good idea to take a class or two before trying it on your own at home. Prenatal yoga DVDs are also available on the market that you can follow at home. Be sure to only do the poses that are comfortable for you to do and start slow. The following are some yoga poses that are safe and that I have found to be most effective during pregnancy.

  1. Child Pose
    *Note: If you are in your second or third trimester, use a pillow under your belly for support in this pose.

Start by supporting yourself on your hands and knees with your toes pointing backward. Your arms should be shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly more than hip-width apart. If you are using a pillow, or your belly is large, place your knees as …

Why Gratitude is Essential to Your Growing Success

Whatever you think about the most manifests in your life.

And, when you think about what you don’t have, ironically, you actually attract and cause it to linger in your life. For example, I have a girl friend who once told me all the things she didn’t want in a relationship, and lo and behold several months later she ended up with a boyfriend who was everything she didn’t want. She couldn’t understand how that happened. I could.

Now, sometimes thinking about what you truly want and being grateful becomes a test of your heart, your confidence level and who you genuinely are. Approach this challenge as a positive growing experience. See it as an opportunity for you to do some important soul searching and exercising of your willpower and determination.


The thoughts you think are often a by-product of how you were raised, your circle of friends, your interests, and who you are today.

While it might be tough to remember to consciously change your thoughts, any new habit can be learned and easily assimilated into your life with consistent practice. You must strengthen your positive, grateful muscles and utilize them on a daily basis.


Like energy

Practicing Gratitude and the Law of Attraction

Being grateful for the things that you have will help you to appreciate life a lot more. Being grateful for things that you want but don’t have yet is a practice that may help you to attain what you want. For example, if you want a new car or a bunch of new friends, say out loud “Thank you for my new car” or “Thank you for all these new friends that I have.” Say it out loud every day a few times a day.

Write down in a journal a list of things that you would like to have. For instance, maybe you would like a new job, more money or maybe you want to get along better with your family or a friend. Write down what it is that you desire. Go over the list and then start saying aloud “I am thankful for my friend and I getting along so well. Thank you for the peace and harmony in our lives.” You should say this over and over until it absorbs in your mind. Giving thanks for something you haven’t received may just help you to receive it.

I keep an attitude of gratitude everyday. I am …

Daily Rituals for Expressing Gratitude

I’m not going to complain today, I thought to myself. Within minutes, I had already broken this promise. I definitely did not have an attitude of gratitude. So I set out to fix this. I thought about the many things for which I should be grateful. I had my family and my health. What else did I have? My husband had a job and we had one running car out of three, which is better than some folks. We had food in the cupboards and my children were in school. I had many reasons to be grateful.

I wanted to share this attitude with others and teach my children to show gratitude in their attitudes. When a commercial on television causes my child to want “that” toy, I tell her to be grateful for the toys she has. My daughter thought about this and decided to share some of her things with friends. This began a new attitude of gratitude in our home.

I teach our children that they should not focus on what we do not have, but on what we do have. It is fine to say, “I want one of those for my birthday”, but it’s not …

Admiration and Gratitude

Admiration and gratitude, I walk in the sun
You are unknown to me, yet in the world we are one
I am beholding to you, I offer you these things
My thanks as I hear the sweet tune a bird sings
Concern and thoughts I have a few
I sit and listen and share a view.
Allowing me that gift, giving my life chance
Is a stranger and never will we share a glance
I have never suffered but owe you my life
You allow me to live as mother and wife
Each day you are in my mind
Unknown Soldier I hope peace you find.
I hope that soon you are on homeland shores
And you are with loved ones, free from wars
Please know this stranger prays
For those who allow me perfect days
To you I give thanks for my daily chores
My gratitude and admiration are all yours

I tend to be an anxious person that tends to dwell on the past and do the “what ifs” for the future, so I needed a way to break this vicious cycle and took an instant liking to the practice of mindfulness when introduced to me by a …

How to Create a Gratitude Journal: Change Your Perspective and Outlook on Life

How to Create a Gratitude Journal: Change Your Perspective and Outlook on Life

There are many reasons to journal, and one popular area is that of gratitude. If you feel anxious and find it difficult to see the joy in life then creating a journal of gratitude could help to shift your focus to more positive things.

If you spend time giving thanks for what you have even if you don’t have much you will be developing a different outlook. You will begin to see the positive side of things and this can transform your attitude.

Gratitude Journaling

By first learning how to journal effectively you will get an idea of how to use a journal to your advantage. Once you have followed these steps you are ready to create a gratitude journal.

  • Begin by listing why you love yourself. Don’t think about things you want to change just yet and avoid making comparisons with anyone else while you do this as this will just bring you down.
  • Make a list of your proudest achievements and describe how you felt at the time.
  • List problems you overcame and what you did to get through them. Always use positive language when journaling.
  • Think of all the things you have in your life that you

How To Use A Gratitude Journal

Having a gratitude journal is a great way to cultivate a more positive mental attitude in your life. A gratitude journal is one of those little tools that can help anyone to see the abundance that they already possess in their life just by thinking about all the things one can be grateful for on a consistent basis.

What Is It

To put it simply, a gratitude journal can be any small notebook that you use you everyday to record your thoughts and ideas on why you are grateful and why you should be grateful. In a way, it forces you to take your mind off of the things that you do not want in life and instead it helps you to focus on the things that are going right for you as well as the good things that you want to bring about in your life.

You can use your gratitude journal any one of several different ways once you use it on a regular basis, at least once or twice per day.

How To Use It

The first way is that each morning when you wake up, you can open up your gratitude journal and begin to write …

List 100 Things That You Feel Gratitude for

If you can’t list 100 things, then try to come up with 10-20.

  1. I’m grateful for waking up every morning feeling refreshed.
  2. I’m grateful for having good health.
  3. I’m grateful for being able to sleep in a big, cozy bed.
  4. I’m grateful for being able to eat a warm meal every day.
  5. I’m grateful for a shower with running hot water.
  6. I’m grateful for my intuition because it allows me to think and analyze when problems arise.
  7. I’m thankful to God for his divine presence in my life.
  8. I’m thankful for my heart because it lets me feel love once again.
  9. I’m grateful for my cute little ears because they allow me to hear.
  10. I’m grateful for my cute button nose because it allows me to sneeze.
  11. I’m grateful for my sense of smell.
  12. I’m grateful for my teeth because they allow me to chew my food.
  13. I’m thankful for having electricity in my home at all times.
  14. I’m grateful for my almond-shaped eyes with thick lashes because they allow me to see and trap dust from my eyes.
  15. I’m grateful for my taste buds because it allows me to savor all kinds of food.
  16. I’m grateful for my small