Daily Mindfulness Exercises

Are you just coasting through your life? Each day passes yet you feel like you accomplish nothing, like you’re just waiting for something to happen?
Sometimes we get so focused on the future we forget about the present! Doing these exercises each day will help bring your mind into the present moment and allow you to truly appreciate each and every day.

Drink Tea: Something so simple as drinking tea can be used to bring yourself. Cultures have used this exercise for hundreds of years as a tool to connect with the present. Take time to prepare your tea carefully. Use a teapot instead of a microwave. As your tea steeps take the time to appreciate it’s aroma. Sip it slowly and appreciate the delicate flavors.

Listen to music: Music is such an amazing invention of the human being. We hear it every day on the radio on the way to work, or as we exercise in the evening but do you really listen? Take some time now to lie back,  close your eyes and just listen to a song. Appreciate the melody of the human voice, and really FEEL the music throughout your whole body.

Go for a walk: Preferably in the forest or park, even better if you’re barefoot. Feel the slightly tickle of the grass on your feet. Breathe in the fresh air deeply. Appreciate the warmth of the sun on your face. Listen to animals scamper through the trees and your own feet whispering across the ground.

Use your work to focus: Find a nice long task, maybe one that you’ve been putting off for a while and focus solely on that task. Let it envelop your mind. Don’t switch back and forth to email, and don’t check your Facebook. Don’t even answer your phone. Just focus on the one task until you’re completely absorbed, and before you know it, it’s done!

Shower: So often we take advantage of a nice hot shower and just rush through it. Use this time instead to perform this mindfulness exercise. Allow the water to run over your face and appreciate the warmth. Slowly massage your scalp as you shampoo and breathe in its beautiful scent. Use a loofa to really scrub your back and shoulders. Don’t rush through it, let yourself stay in until you’re good and pruny!

Using these rituals can help to bring you into the present moment. But they shouldn’t be the only time you’re mindful. Try to focus on the present as much as you can to fully appreciate each and every beautiful day.


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