Find Florida Beach Yoga for an Outdoor Yoga Practice

Find Florida Beach Yoga for an Outdoor Yoga Practice

The warm fresh sea breeze, open space, the sound of water and seagulls and the white sand make outside yoga on the beach in sunny Florida an ideal practice.

Sunny Florida, a peninsula surrounded by water, can be ideal for practising yoga not only outdoors, but also on the beach. The climate mimics how yoga was performed originally outside in the hot outdoors. Enjoy a safer form of hot (or warm) yoga with cool ocean or bay breezes to remove sweat naturally during practice.

Advantages of Yoga on Beaches

Rarely are crowds or sandflies a real issue but the advantages of beach yoga negate any minor inconveniences. The advantages are many:


  • Fresh air smells better than any candle-scented indoor space.
  • Classes are open to all levels.
  • Cost is usually less than classrooms since the space isn’t rented or owned or managed otherwise.
  • Music is natural, literally new wave music of the great outdoors including bird and wildlife sounds and lapping water.
  • Teachers are usually certified and dedicated.
  • Sunsets and sun salutations are truly saluting the sun.
  • The sand serves to plant the feet on the earth.
  • Muscle work and balance are part of life and the irregular surface of the beach intensifies this truth.
  • Mats are optional.
  • Practice sea life-named yoga postures in their real-life setting such as Dolphin pose, the Crab, Fish posture and Boat Pose.
  • Open classes invite a variety of people.

Where to Find Florida Beach Yoga

Keep in mind many towns in Florida have “beach” as part of the name (for example, Apollo Beach, Palm Beach, or Vero Beach, etc.). This does not mean yoga is actually on the beach. Below are some actual outdoors on the sand practices in Florida, unless otherwise noted:

  • Siesta Key Yoga, free ongoing public beach yoga classes
  • Destin Beach yoga typically has 8:30 morning classes and some evening classes. Some classes are on sand and some in a beach pavilion
  • Miami and its vicinity is great for finding beach yoga. Ocean Drive has twice-daily practices.
  • Indian Rocks Beach Yoga has 6:30 pm classes twice a week and on Saturdays. Call to confirm.
  • Bradenton Beach Yoga is near Sarasota and more information might be found through the Chamber of Commerce.
  • The famous Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach offers yoga on their lawn facing the beach.
  • Delray Beach has evening outdoor yoga.
  • Ormond Beach offers outdoor yoga with classes overlooking the beach.
  • Rest beach in Key West offers nighttime yoga on a deck while the sunsets. Key Largo also has free yoga on the beach.
  • West Palm Beach offers a free yoga day on the beach every April. Whether this continues throughout the year was not known at this time.
  • Bayfront Park in Miami has free yoga classes.
  • St Pete Beach yoga offers an occasional evening class behind the Biltmore Hotel near 103rd street. Some hotels along the beach will also offer yoga. The Don Cesar has an occasional class.
  • The Ft Lauderdale yoga club has outdoor classes as part of a meet-up group.

Preparing for Practicing Yoga Outdoors

Bring a mat, towel, or sheet, if you don’t want to get sand between your toes or under your fingernails, while practising on the beach. The following are also suggested:

  • Sunscreen is a must, apply before getting outdoors.
  • Water bottles should be brought from home (and brought back home afterwards).
  • Towels for sweat or even to lay on the sand.
  • Some prefer to wear sneakers or other forms of footwear although barefoot is the way to practice yoga.
  • Hair should be secured. Poses may interfere with hair flowing around the face as well as sea breezes may have hair whipping into the eyes.
  • Bug spray if desired.
  • Yoga beach dress is free attire so yoga pants or shorts or even a bathing suit is ok. Be aware of flashing more than you might want to share if the outfit is too revealing or constricting.

Time, weather, and other life events may change so flexibility in attitude as well as limbs is needed. Call first if more information is needed.


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