Finding Prenatal Yoga in Hawaii

Finding a yoga studio can be a challenge whether at home or abroad, especially if you are looking for yoga studio that has the fitness interests and health considerations of pregnant women as a priority. Whether you are vacationing in Hawaii and looking for a quick down-dog fix, or residing there and hoping to start a prenatal practice, here are some suggestions for the beginner or advanced mother-to-be.

Purple Yoga Hawaii

Purple Yoga Hawaii is dedicated to meeting the needs and expectation of students. They take a progressive stance on teaching, which focuses on improving the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of students over the long-term. They are especially mindful of each student’s needs and abilities, which creates a friendly and supportive environment for seeking prenatal yoga. Their prenatal classes focus on breathing technique that can be used any time and might be particularly helpful during labor. The postures (asanas) selected for their prenatal classes work to safely strengthen your arms and legs, as well and stretch and lengthen the spine and abdomen, making room for your growing baby. They also offer mom and baby classes, so the practice doesn’t stop with delivery!


  • University Square
  • 2615 South King Street
  • Suite A305, 3rd floor
  • Honolulu, HI 96826
  • (808) 944-8585


Open Space Yoga

Open Space Yoga teaches that yoga brings your body back into a more natural state. By practising breath work and postures, your body will find greater endurance, flexibility and relaxation. Their pregnancy yoga postures are taught to make the body more comfortable with pregnancy, and at the same time, prepare the body for giving birth. Their prenatal classes include breath work, Kegel exercises and strengthening postures. Open Space Yoga states that doing yoga during your pregnancy helps keep your body flexible, toned, and improves your balance and circulation. Meditations at the end of class help teach you relaxation skills you can use during physical, mental and emotional demands of labor, birth and motherhood. They currently have two locations to better accommodate students.

  • 111 Nu’uanu Ave., #211
  • Honolulu, HI 96817
  • 808·232·8851


  • 3106 Monsarrat Ave
  • (second floor)
  • Honolulu, HI 9681
  • 808·216·6972


Brynne Caleda

Brynne Caleda is a certified yoga instructor who has been teaching and practising yoga for over seven years. Holding a Master’s degree in physical education, Brynne hopes to inspire children, teens and adults to find inner peace through yoga. She specializes in yoga for children of all ages, prenatal yoga, and mom and baby yoga. Over the years she has learned the powerful benefits yoga can have on physical and emotional during pregnancy. In addition to group classes, she also offers private yoga classes.

  • Brynne Caleda
  • 808.753.8501


Waikiki Plantation Spa

Waikiki Plantation Spa is located on the beautiful island of Waikiki, Hawaii. As a full-service spa they offer everything from massages, body treatments, and yes, prenatal yoga! Pukana La Yoga is an all-levels private- to semi-private class taught at the spa. It is appointment only, which allows the instructor to address your individual needs.If you are in the area and looking for a place to enjoy prenatal yoga, a light breakfast, a 50-minute Hot Lava Stone massage, or sugar cane scrub, a 50-minute Island Facial, Spa pedicure, and Intensive hand treatment, then Waikiki Plantation Spa is the place for you.


Ashtanga Yoga Shala

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