Try These Breathing Exercises Minus The Effort

It is a duty for us to take a break occasionally. So I decided to give summer vacation a month and give it different to melt the stress. This October, I will share with you the simple relaxation techniques and exercises to restore balance in your file. Well, first, let’s start with breathing. Yes, deep breathing exercises to be more precise. In fact, one of the relaxation techniques that could be a self-taught. Admitting that – sometimes they are not even aware, but they tend to feel uncomfortable or worried, we are holding our breath.

So how in his deep breathing exercises? First, good posture is a necessity. Remember not to rest, since strains of the muscles of the back and neck. If you force yourself not to arch your back. They start breathing through your mouth and place your hands on your abdomen. Now, inhale slowly through your nose slowly distancing his hands on his abdomen. The technology is here — if you keep your stomach, it is easier to hold your breath. Hold your breath for 5 or more figures — what you can handle.

Slowly exhale through your mouth, your hands now back in the contract as her belly slowly, wait until most of the air exhaust. Note that when you exhale, inhale is much higher. These breathing exercises can be performed anywhere and anytime – sitting and standing, or even while lying on his back. It’s that simple – the next time you feel stressed or anxious, try these breathing exercises.

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