Why Frolov Breathing Devices Have Become Popular in Russia

About 2 million breathing devices have been sold in Russia over the past decade. The best known is the Frolov breathing device. It has been employed to conquer a large number of chronic health disorders.

Some other facts about successes of the Frolov respiration device:

  • They are supported or approved by over 100 GPs, MDs and other health care professionals
  • More than 200 breathing clubs have been formed in the largest cities of Russia – evaluated in over 25 successful published clinical pilot trials and approbations
  • They have been tried on myocardial infarction, bronchial asthma with weakness of respiratory muscles, acute bronchitis, emphysema, angina pectoris, digestive problems, chronic bronchitis, hypertension, obesity, asthma exacerbations, arthritis, stroke, children asthma, diabetes, psychological disorders, cystic fibrosis and many other chronic disorders
  • Published clinical pilot trials and approbations discovered its efficiency for less wheezing, reduced coughing, reduced inflammation in airways, diminished shortness of breath, improved digestion and partial or complete normalisation of the FEV1 (forced expiratory volume in 1 s electrocardiogram, renovasography measurements, body antioxidant defence, heart rate, blood pressure, cardiointervalography results, and other important biochemical parameters.
  • They are approved by the FDA and patented in the USA (USA Patent No. 5,755,640 from May 26, 1998).

Why should breathing matter?

It delivers important O2 (oxygen) to the body cells, while hypoxia (or low oxygenation of cells) is a clinical feature for virtually all chronic conditions. While contemporary individuals believe in a superstition that deep or heavy breathing (hyperventilation) is able to increase oxygenation of tissues, many thousands of physiological publications have observed that chronic over-breathing lowers oxygen content in cells.


Hypoxia (or low cells oxygen content) is produced due to hypocapnic (low carbon dioxide) vasoconstriction of blood vessels (leading to the insufficient blood supply of all vital organs) and the lessened Bohr effect (less O2 is left by hemoglobin cells).

Anybody may easily substantiate that chronic hyperventilation diminishes body oxygenation. Begin deliberate or forceful over-breathing. In about 3 minutes most people can faint or pass out. Why? Due to a deficiency of oxygen and glucose in the nerve cells in the brain.

Cell hypoxia also causes free radical production, anaerobic cell respiration, extra mucus production, immune system dysfunction, inflammation, lactic acid increase and many other pathological processes. Therefore, the slower and less a person breathes, the more oxygen his tissues get. (Note that I discuss here the effects of involuntary respiratory patterns.)

Moreover, apart from tissue oxygenation control, carbon dioxide performs numerous tasks in the human body. These include normal immunity, bronchodilation, control of the viscosity of blood, mucus and other body fluids, regulation of blood pH, synthesis of proteins and hormones, weight monitoring, free radical suppression, dilation of bronchi and bronchioles, relaxation of muscle cells, blood pressure maintenance, mucus production regulation, control of inflammation, calcium metabolism, lactic acid regulation, control of blood sugar, regulation of pulse, repair of alveoli in lungs, sleep control and numerous other functions and processes. There are thousands of Western medical studies that have confirmed these effects.

How to make our breath pattern slower and have more CO2 in the blood

One option is to use the Buteyko breathing technique. It is another Russian breathing therapy for various health problems. Another solution is to breathe through a device that confines exhaled CO2 for each following inhalation. During such breath sessions, our breath regulation centre adapts to increased carbon dioxide levels and later our unconscious respiration pattern becomes easy. This is the mechanism of the Frolov device.

How is it possible that Frolov respiratory reconditioning device can be used for so various chronic conditions? This is sensible since chronic over-breathing and resultant hypoxia (or low tissue oxygenation) are observed in virtually all chronic conditions.

The Frolov breathing device therapy produces the fastest growth in the body’s oxygen index, if we compare this medical therapy with other Russian breathing therapies and other breathing techniques, like Hatha yoga, Resperate, and PowerLung.


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